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Former Bacardi-Martini building Brussels, owned by Urban Capital Group, becomes decor for unique art project “Living together”.

During the car-free Sunday (22 September 2019) in Brussels, residents of the Canal and Tour & Taxi area in Brussels, could pose for the art project “Samenleven” (Living Together), supported by project developer Urban Capital Group.

1. Local Art Project

The municipality expressed its wish to use the blind wall of the existing building of the former headquarters of Bacardi-Martini, located in the Vanderstichelenstraat in Brussels, for a local art project. The site was purchased earlier this year by the Antwerp project developer Urban Capital Group, who will convert and develop it into a new construction project with mixed functions, including living, working and a vibrant atmosphere.

2. Sustainable and innovative future project

Levi Dewaegenaere – CEO of Urban Capital Group: “The future project will be an example in terms of sustainability, with a focus on biodiversity and local supporting functions. At the end of June, we applied for Be.Exemplary 2019, a sustainable and innovative competition for new-build and renovation projects in Brussels. At the end of this year, we will know if we are selected with our project ‘Martini Green’.”

“With the future project, we are developing a ‘green connector’, between the Tour & Taxi area on the right side and the rest of the canal area on the left side of our project”, says Levi Dewaegenaere.

3. Living together as a vision for future project

In close collaboration with resident and artist Hamida Ouassini, coordinator of the pilot project, silhouettes of a number of residents were painted to the wall. This Sunday, other residents can join the project.

Levi Dewaegenaere: ” When at the beginning of the year, the municipality asked us to integrate the facade of the building in an art project with the theme ‘Living Together’, we were very excited from the beginning. The multicultural character of the environment will be expressed in the artwork and it is in line with our vision for the new project ‘Martini Green’ where everyone – no matter what skin colour or ethnic background- should feel happy and attached to the neighborhood.”

4. Cooperation between construction promoter and local residents

Coordinator of the art project, Hamida Ouassini, says she is very satisfied with the project and is grateful for the collaboration with the promoter, Urban Capital Group. “It represents the society and will give every resident a sense of recognition and acknowledgement. Local residents who wish to do so, can sign up to model for the wall. That seems to be a perfect idea for car-free Sunday”, says Mrs. Ouassini.

According to Levi Dewaegenaere of Urban Capital Group, this socio-cultural collaboration already sets the tone for the further development of the new building. “It is not just a real estate project for us. We are working on a new and unique residential and commercial project with respect for the neighbourhood and the environment. The art project that will be unveiled this Sunday, is perfectly in line with this vision,” says Levi Dewaegenaere.


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