Urban Capital Group – Not just bricks but a real home feeling

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CEO Levi Dewaegenaere gives his vision on personal guidance.

Not just bricks, but a real home feeling

Every project is selected and finished with great care by the building developers Urban Capital Group. That is why the focus is strongly on personal guidance, with a lot of attention for interior choices. ‘We provide a feminine touch in the sector, with more lifestyle.’

Only projects in a prime or prime locations in the making at Urban Capital Group

Inge Caes, director of sales and development: ‘We focus on projects in which we see added value for the residents and for the environment. We only select beautiful locations or prime locations in the making. We not only look at the financial picture, but also our gut feeling must be right. The Glass House in Antwerp is a good example of this: it was falling apart and six project developers before us had already pulled out. But we saw many opportunities in that beautiful modernist building, near the old city center. Already when selecting new locations we take into account the future residents. We try to empathize with the target group: how they want to live; what their needs are.’

Urban Capital Group – unique because of its own development approach

‘What is special about our approach is that the commercial team is involved in the development process from the outset, according to Levi Dewaegenaere. Inge Caes is head of the ‘Development’ department, but also commercial head of the company. That is why we constantly keep the interests of our customers in mind throughout the entire process.’

Urban Capital Group sets the bar high when it comes to sustainability

At Urban Capital Group, we set the bar in terms of sustainability ever higher than the legally valid standards, according to Levi Dewaegenaere. The construction sector is a very conservative sector. As a company, we want to take our responsibility. But also for the customer a low energy house is interesting. The statutory energy standards in construction are becoming ever stricter. A low energy house has a much higher resale value.

About Levi Dewaegenaere

Levi Dewaegenaere grew from a professional tennis player to a successful entrepreneur. He is currently the founder and CEO of both Urban Capital Group and Waegener.

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